Maintaining Personal Relation via SMS marketing

In the present world of competition, where you not only have to battle tooth and nail to get the new clients but also have to struggle to retain the old ones, SMS marketing is something you can use it to your advantage in your “Customer Relation” department. Now it is needless to explain ‘why maintaining a personal relationship with a client is important for customer retention’, but the question that lingers over a Customer Relation Officer is HOW to do it.

SMS Marketing, in its traditional senses, has its concept limited to shooting deals and offers to bulk customers. However, for a change here if we slightly alter the objectives of it and start shooting cute Romantic sms, ask for their feedback and suggestions, in others words give customers a homely warm environment and make them feel their importance, we get our Customer Relation solution. Think of it this way, when a client receives a ‘promotional message’ and when he opens it and finds out it is not yet another mundane offer describing message from a profit-hungry organization, but a caring text wishing them on their special day or asking for their suggestion, an attachment will form between your client and you, in other words, a better customer relationship.