A Rotator Cuff Tear

A couple months ago I hurt my shoulder while throwing a ball with my son.  I’ve had shoulder pain in the past, but this time it actually made me stop playing and it has pretty much been sore since that time.  This was never an issue in my younger days!  After a while of the pain not going away I finally went to see my chiropractor Chandler AZ and he immediately suggested that I had a rotator cuff injury, possibly a tear based on how it happened.  He ordered an MRI and it came back that he was right.  I had a partial tear in my rotator cuff muscle.

I had heard the term “rotator cuff” before, but to be honest I had no idea what it was before my chiropractor explained it.  It turns out that the “cuff” is actually four separate muscles that control the inward and outward rotation of the shoulder.  He gave me an easy way to remember the muscles.  He referred to them as the SITS muscles.  The letters stand for  Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, and Subscapularis (which is where I have a partial tear).  The good news is that after a couple weeks of rehab at the best Chandler chiropractic office in town, I'm feeling a lot better.

The Importance of Stretching

As little kids we can wrap ourselves up like a pretzel and not feel a thing. However, as we grow older it seems like we lose all of that flexibility and can be difficult and even painful to reach for our toes. So is stretching really that important, and if so what type of benefits do we actually get from stretching? Part of the treatment plan for all patients at Apex Medical Group is not only chiropractic care but also a good in office and at home stretching routine.  As we age our muscles, ligaments and tendons lose their elasticity. When this occurs you also see a decrease in range of motion within joints, increased injuries either in muscles/ligaments/tendons, loss of balance and loss of coordination.

In the elderly this is a common factor for why they fall. The importance of stretching means maintaining your health and well -being.  Stretching has three major goals that we try and achieve and maintain with a good routine. First a good stretching routine seeks to improve range of motion and joint function.  Second stretching can enable your muscles to work more efficiently and effectively. Finally stretching can help to improve your performance during physical activity. The essentials of good stretching routine include; strive for symmetry, don’t bounce, focus on major muscle groups, be sport/activity specific and most important keep up with your stretching.  Feel free to click here to find out more about this subject.

What is the Chiropractic Scraping Technique

I heard the other week about this technique called scrapping that can help with muscle injuries and even low back pain. I didn’t know what it was exactly so I decided to visit my local south Chandler chiropractor and ask him if it would help my low back and elbow pain. He explained that the scrapping technique is referred to by many names including Graston, FAKTR, Instrument Assissted Soft Tissue Manual Therapy (ISASTM) or simply scrapping. There are three main goals that this technique specifically tries to obtain. The first goal is to break down scar tissue or fascial restrictions within or surround muscles, ligaments or tendons. Fascia surround muscles, ligaments or tendons like the sheet on your bed and when there is an injury then it usually causes wrinkles that can cause the soft tissue to not function properly.

The second goal of scrapping is to reduce restrictions by stretching connective tissue in an attempt to rearrange the structure of the soft tissue being treated. The third and final goal is promoting a better healing environment for the injured soft tissue. The technique usually leaves red marks on individuals which is normal and can be sore for a day or two afterwards. After 2 weeks of getting scraped not only did my low back and elbow pain decrease I felt like I could move both of them with greater ease.  You can find out more about this subject at your local Chandler chiropractic office.

How Chiropractic Helped With My Whiplash

Over the weekend I was driving home from the grocery store when I came up on red light. I came to a complete stop and was sitting there listening to some sweet soul music when suddenly I heard skretching  tires and just as I looked in my rear-view mirror I felt the car jolt forward. At first I was very dazed and confused, wondering what had just happened. It took a few minutes for me to realize that I had been in a car accident but when I came to I had a searing pain in my neck and it was difficult to move. After resting and taking a concoction of Advil, Tylenol and Aleve I realized I needed to see someone for my neck pain.

I went to my brother’s Chandler chiropractor down in south Chandler called Apex Medical Group. They performed an exam, took x-rays and diagnosed me with whiplash. They told me that it is a very common injury in a car accident. Whiplash includes a multitude of injuries that include; strained neck muscles, sprained neck joints and possible nerve and spinal disc injuries.  Because of all the injuries to all the tissues I also had a lot of swelling and inflammation. The chiropractor treated me for 4 weeks and gave me at home instructions like icing my neck, stretches and exercises. By the end of treatment I felt almost 100%.  You can see more information on this subject at ApexMedicalAZ.

Chiropractic Isn’t Just For Backs

 Last weekend I was playing basketball with some friends. We were in a heated battle when suddenly I saw my friend jump up grab the ball, and as if it were in slow motion, scream out in pain and fall down after landing on another player’s foot. Immediately I knew he had sprained, and quite possibly broken his ankle.  Everyone immediately huddled around him asking if he was “ok”, and asking if he could feel his toes. The shear pain in my buddies face and avoidance of wanting to put any weight on his foot told me that this injury was pretty severe. After tightening up his laces to help with the swelling we loaded him up and rushed him to the hospital for x-rays.

Luckily his ankle was not broken but he did suffer a pretty severe ankle sprain that was going to leave him sidelined for a couple of weeks. I suggested the acronym RICE to help with the first couple of days of the healing process. This acronym stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. With significant injury to a ligament or tendon this is a great first suggestion for the first 1-2 days.  Reducing the swelling is the first goal these types of injuries. Next improving range of motion and finally incorporating strength and balance work into the routine is the best way to return completely from an ankle injury. I know everyone who has played any type of sport has probably sprained or twisted an ankle which is never fun. I would highly recommend speaking with a chiropractor, physical therapist or your medical doctor for suggested treatment if such an injury ever sidelines you.  In the Chandler area, I recommend seeing Apex Medical Group since they were voted Best Chandler Chiropractic Office in 2016