Chiropractic Isn’t Just For Backs

 Last weekend I was playing basketball with some friends. We were in a heated battle when suddenly I saw my friend jump up grab the ball, and as if it were in slow motion, scream out in pain and fall down after landing on another player’s foot. Immediately I knew he had sprained, and quite possibly broken his ankle.  Everyone immediately huddled around him asking if he was “ok”, and asking if he could feel his toes. The shear pain in my buddies face and avoidance of wanting to put any weight on his foot told me that this injury was pretty severe. After tightening up his laces to help with the swelling we loaded him up and rushed him to the hospital for x-rays.

Luckily his ankle was not broken but he did suffer a pretty severe ankle sprain that was going to leave him sidelined for a couple of weeks. I suggested the acronym RICE to help with the first couple of days of the healing process. This acronym stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. With significant injury to a ligament or tendon this is a great first suggestion for the first 1-2 days.  Reducing the swelling is the first goal these types of injuries. Next improving range of motion and finally incorporating strength and balance work into the routine is the best way to return completely from an ankle injury. I know everyone who has played any type of sport has probably sprained or twisted an ankle which is never fun. I would highly recommend speaking with a chiropractor, physical therapist or your medical doctor for suggested treatment if such an injury ever sidelines you.  In the Chandler area, I recommend seeing Apex Medical Group since they were voted Best Chandler Chiropractic Office in 2016

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