Why Does Salehoo Still Exist?

With wholesaler marketplaces like DHGate and Ali Express, why does a site like Salehoo continue to operate?  Surely Salehoo is an outdated and needlessly manual way to find wholesalers and drop shippers?  It's not even the cheapest when competing with suppliers from China…

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is a directory of drop shippers and wholesalers from the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and China – but also some other countries as well.

All of the suppliers in Salehoo's database (which you can search through by keyword) are guaranteed to be reliable – and there are more than a million products across a wide range of categories that can be found there.

How Does Salehoo Compare to DHGate, Ali Express, etc.?

Salehoo is different to Ali Express and DH Gate – it's not a marketplace like eBay or Amazon that you buy from directly, but a database of suppliers that have been fully researched and are certified as legitimate and safe to buy from.

With sites like Ali Express and DH Gate, you need to rely on the trustworthiness and reliability of each individual seller – or the reviews others have left for them, if any.  But with Salehoo, and similar directories like Worldwide Brands, you can be certain that each supplier is reliable as they have all been tested and certified before being added.

That's the key difference that Salehoo has – it costs more money to join and more time to use, but it's the safest and most reliable way to source products from wholesalers and drop shippers.

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