Wonder Workshop Dot Robotics Kit

These adorable Dash and Dot robots are exciting, hands-on learning tools for students in grades K-5!  All ages of students should be able to use Dash because you can do simple and challenging things with Dot and Dash. In an online chat w/ Aleksei Deal Dash I had the best customer svc interaction of my 40+ years of adult life. Wonder Workshop is tucked away just off a dirt road and is a bit like stumbling apon Aladdin's cave. The Path and Xylo apps are claimed to combine music and movement and allow Dash and Dot to perform for the family or go on adventures. That's why I was excited to be given the chance to work with Wonder Workshop and The Motherhood to share with you our experiences with the new coding robots, Dot & Dash.

I highly recommend the Wonder Pack to anyone who is drawn to tech toys or who wants to open up a world of learning and fun to anyone! Dash & Dot have SO much potential and are a TON of fun for both kids and adults to play” with and learn from. As with Dash, Dot comes with Sensors that allows Dot to see and hear, with these Dot is able to recognise and react to sounds and objects, his front eye and ears all can be colour coded or turned off, just like Dash. With the suite of apps from Wonder Workshop, users can enjoy making music, having the robots talk to one another, programming, and more. Mr. Gupta is a co-founder and the chief technology officer of Wonder Workshop , one of a small but growing number of companies seeking to teach computer programming to children through robotics. I commissioned a metalwork piece for a friend's wedding gift and the welders at Wonder Workshop did a brilliant job of bringing my idea to life.

Grab your Amazon Kindle, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and download the Wonder and Blockly apps to code Dash's actions through a picture-based language and fun built-in challenge tutorials. There really is no limit to what a child can do with Dash & Dot other than their own ability or imagination. Like one of its competitors, KinderLab Robotics , Wonder Workshop was founded by parents who were frustrated by a lack of opportunities for their children to learn programming. Use your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice. Yes, I've read a lot of reviews that say it's too heavy, but remember that all convertibles are heavy; that particular criticism is out of context unless you are comparing it to other single (only) strollers. The $230 Dash & Dot Robot Pack gets you a pair of robots and a handful of accessories.

Dash also has several microphones for picking up audio cues, several infrared transmitters for communications, sensors for detecting Dot, and a bright, front-facing spotlight. The dash, dot and robotics side of the story were added after the creation of their first prototype. The Dash has very few direct competitors, and there are no previous versions to measure it against. Dash is an expensive toy, at $180, but there are certainly plenty of others that offer less for your child in the long term. Dash and Dot also have LEGO Brick Connectors, so that you can customize their look and abilities – create a special helmet for Dot to wear, or fashion Dash with a LEGO platform to transport your prized possessions via robot convoy.

I haven't had a chance to review the pair yet, but they are already getting quite a bit of press around the web. But a home user will probably only ever own one pair, so there needs to be a way to save the robot IDs and automate the connection process. Wonder Workshop needs to work towards ensuring that nearly all tablets work with these robots, not just a few. Sparky had Dash speeding around the living room, navigating furniture – although there were a few bumps, Dash is a tough little robot and took them in stride. To move up in levels kids have to drag specific items on the path for Dash to do such as moo” like a cow, rev” a car engine, honk, etc. Parents need to know that Dash and Dot are a pair of robots from Wonder Workshop with five accompanying apps that help kids program the robots. Xylo app allows composing songs and music that Dash can play while also moving around (requires Xylophone accessory).


Wonder Workshop Helps Kids To Learn Programming Using Robots

PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Wonder Workshop robot – Dash or Dot – and a Bluetooth Smart/4-enabled device to play. Dash works best on hard floors, but it coped with a deep pile carpet without any major problems (it just moved a bit more slowly). Wonder Workshop launched Dash & Dot in December 2014 and boasted $3.5M in sales in its first month. Dot comes with several games built in, such as Magic Dot Ball, Dot of Music, and Light Sword. The app for Dash and Dot has puzzles and challenges for your children to complete. Within an hour, the boys had Dash's apps downloaded from the Google Play Store and were programming Dash to do so many fun things! To acknowledge that your swipes and taps are registered, Dash will confirm with a voice or audio beep. With Dash & Dot once you sync them with your tablet (iOS and Android for some apps), your children can do a variety of things.

By teaming up with Wonder Workshops, the STEM Program will get to use their Dash and Dot robots, which are programmable robots designed for children aged 5 and older. In the meantime, our PTA had also purchased a Dash robot for our Maker Studio, B..S.S. HQ. This led to our first challenge – coming up with another name. You also get a USB charging cable and two Wonder Workshop Build Brick Extensions. So far, my kids have been exploring all the things they can do with Dash and Dot. We didn't have to read books or go to a Spring Break Camp to learn how to use Dash. Program Dash to navigate obstacles or blast away roadblocks while coding and having fun. Using programming blocks similar to Scratch or Hopscotch, they can direct Dash to react to your voice and perform other numerous other interesting actions. Dash & Dot are cute robots that draw kids in and make them want to interact with them.

Dash's expressive personality inspires children to incorporate Dash into their daily lives as their partner in crime and sidekick. The Dash comes pre-installed with an extra-small eartip, and the box contains three additional sizes of silicone tips to help you get the best fit. So watch out for further reviews of newer stuff and of course if you would like to review something yourself, you know where to find us. Kids complete puzzles to learn hands-on what the robots can do. As they complete the quests, memories that tell the story of Dash and Dot's invention are unlocked along with different special abilities. Although Dot can be programmed a bit, and interacts with Dash, Dot has no wheels.

With Blockly's slick and cartoonish GUI, kids can program Dash to move around, avoid obstacles, and solve mazes. In order to interact with Dash you need one of the supported Android or iOS devices; you can find a full list on the Wonder Workshop website. Wonder Workshop provides a suite of free apps that can be used with the robots. Honestly, I use Dash more because I enjoy programming this robot and driving it around. While for him it's just fun figuring out how to make his robot friends do cool tricks, the skills he's learning now will carry over into his education and beyond. I keep meaning to give structure to this review; I keep telling myself I'll clip it and curve it into shape so it resembles some sort of intelligently­composed reaction to a piece of art. If you've got Dash and Dot, let me know what you think and how you're playing with it!

Dash slowly stutter/spins in reverse while the app loads which has happened since day 1 upon a delivery. Go for Dash & Dot Robots ranks higher on the fun scale than it does on learning, but it's a great starting point to get kids excited about the Dash and Dot system. You have to interact with the (free) apps to get Dash & Dot to do what you want them to do, which for most kids and adults who will be drawn to this toy – will be second nature. However, in high school we don't use the Wonder Workshop apps (I think my HS students would be put off by them), instead we program Dash with the Tickle App. Use a supported iPad (iPad 3+, Mini, Air) or Android tablet to access free Wonder Workshop apps that control Dash & Dot Robots.


Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack Review 2016

Dash and Dot are the new robots for young children from Wonder Workshop You might have met them as Bo and Yana from Play-i when they were in the Kickstarter phase.Kids can learn to interact with the Dash and Dot robots using the app to control their moves, sounds, and appearance. Access the Wonder Workshop app, then open it and navigate Dash safely across obstacles, dance, make sounds, light up, or even have it react to your voice. They had their cousins over and together the four of them worked to get Dash to race around our ottoman and sense Dot at the finish line who acted as the timer (complete with a Lego alarm clock on his head).

By using the Wonder app, you can even save your commands right on the Dash Robot, meaning you wont need the phone or tablet the next time you play with it. The commands can be activated by a timer or even by sounds. Kora and Logan were also amazed to find out that they can use the included Building Brick Connectors to add Lego bricks to Dash & Dot. Send Dash on missions to deliver messages, use Dot to act out storybook characters, and go out and explore the world together. The next morning, another major update was released, which meant another two hours before we could really test the Dash. Kids may get a kick out of Dash having a friend but don't set your expectations too high. I just started using Deal dash and have found the bid buddy a convenient way to walk away.

Go is also the portal for online ideas, inspiration and other content for Dash and Dot. It makes noises, and you can press a glowing button on its top to get Dash to start completing a program, but it seems mainly like a way to distract a second kid while the first kid plays with the real robot, Dash.

Kids program Dot's lights, sounds, and sensors in the apps and see Dot come to life. The build quality of the Dash is excellent, but its software has a long way to go. If the touch interface works intermittently now, we feel like it should be possible for it to work all the time. You have a choice of Go”, Path”, Xylo”, Blockly” and Wonder” apps to use with the Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack.

Take on coding challenges and invent your own creations by using Blockly to control Dash & Dot! Dash has two large wheels at the front and a small wheel at the back, allowing for a wide range of movement. The winner will receive one (1) Wonder Workshop Wonder Pack with a retail value of $279.99.


Wonder Workshop Wants Robots In The Classroom

Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop, are two robot buddies” that arrive ready to play and program out of the box—or at least after a quick charge and a few downloads. Path lets kids draw a path for Dash to follow, Xylo lets Dash play the xylophone (attachment required), and Go lets kids control Dash manually. This is a simplistic way of introducing the concept that the programmer is in charge of the robot and the program written controls the robot. The Bragi team set some tough goals, and if there was a product that could have ended up as vapourware it would have been the Dash. They took the time to build a five star app so that using Dot and Dash is easy and fun.

Dash and Dot are great toys and a worthy buy for your kids with educational value, it also makes an excellent gift for a special occasions. Total joke, spend your money elsewhere If your child wants a remote control car or robot that does nothing but forward and back with a few lights, this product is for you.

This package includes a bulldozer bar to clean up those toys (for Dash only), bunny ears, a bunny tail and a tow hook. Dash and Dot robots were created by Wonder Workshop to help kids learn the basics of coding. If you're looking for a fun way to teach your children about robotics and programming, I can't think of a much better way than Dash and Dot. Especially for the new ones like Ozobot and Dot and Dash, these toys are so novel that just because they don't get it right away, doesn't mean it's a failure.

If you take a peek at one of these schools, you may most likely find a Lego Mindstorm set or two, a programmable and buildable Darwin-Mini humanoid toy, and some open source robot on the table or inside children's backpacks. Dash is cool and the kid loves it and I think it is awesome but only because we were able to pony up for another tablet and endure the customer support issues over a much long period than necessary. I have several hundred dollars worth of Little Bits that I wish that I could cash back in for more Wonder Workshop products. We can only speculate that the cause of this intermittent unresponsiveness is that the Dash may be trying to put itself into lower power modes to save battery, and has trouble switching back to full power. Hence before buying them online, it would be better to look some genuine and trusted reviews of customers and also look up reputed ecommerce sites where these games are sold.

The smartphone holder opens up all kinds of video production possibilities while kids learn to control Dash as a kind of roving dolly or camera on wheels. To its credit Dash seemed to take the rough handling without complaint, but the Android app did occasionally crash. Darwin Mini is mainly a STEM education robot , but is still perfect for teens looking for a genuine robotics experience.


Stem Learning Fun For The Family With Dash From Wonder Workshop

I dunno, maybe it's because I was educated in a vaguely post-­modern way and world but I can't help but see pastiche — not pastiche, that's not the right word; I'm not sure the right word exists yet — everywhere I look.  Great promise but not useful right now I love the idea of these robots but Blockly is incomplete (e.g. no logic functions); my Nexus 7 locks up constantly and I have to restart Dash all the time. You can even add a time element, or tell Dash to repeat something until another trigger event, such as a voice, obstacle, or button press is encountered. This Funding 101 webinar will explain many of the grant opportunities that are available for you to apply, to help bring Dash and Dot to your schools. I am allowing everyone to explore the robot features a bit before I start giving the students some programming challenges. Dash and Dot are real robots that every child can program using coding languages we invented for the young minds. These are nicely designed mats for the Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot competition.

What's even funnier, is Wonder Workshop has added an adapter that comes with Dash, but not with Dot, which allows you to use the No1 Kids toy that has been around for ages ‘LEGO' so you can create whatever you want for both Dast and Dot. Dot can be programmed to be a magic 8 ball, hot potato game, and many other things and comes with pre-programmed games that can be played right out of the box. But leaving all this uncertainty seems appropriate when writing about Dot Dash's Mitch Easter­-produced album, Earthquakes and Tidal Waves. The author also noted that because Dot can't move and has limited functionality, they may not be worth the extra $60. Use Wonder, Blockly, and other apps to create new behaviors for Dash — doing more with robotics than ever possible. If kids watch the video journal, they'll learn that Dash and Dot were created by a girl.

They have some cute ambient noises that make Dash and Dot feel alive which greatly adds to the interaction. The BoeBoe Robot is ever popular among hobbyists, educators and students throughout the globe, while the ActivityBot Robot Kit encourages real-world engineering skills perfect for for first-time robot-builders. While my kids did enjoy playing with Dash and Dot, after two weeks they forgot all about them.

It needs a mode in which kids tap a xylophone image and watch as Dash mimics their actions in real-time – that's such an obvious application! Dash and Dot are robots that can be programmed over Bluetooth using touch devices like tablets, iPads, or Android/iPhone/iPod devices. This robot moves with precision in any direction, talks, lights up, and has an assortment of sensors (it hears sounds, detects objects, and sees movement). For $280, Wonder Workshop bundles the robots with an accessory pack that includes a xylophone and several smaller tools.

After pairing, the Dash will automatically detect whether or not it is being worn, and will power down into standby or re-pair on its own. Using sensors, Dash can detect objects in front and behind, hear where you are, and see where Dot is. This robot has quite the personality and becomes more capable as you program and play. The accessory connection points allow you to build LEGOs onto her with building brick connectors, add a Tow Hook on to hang Dash (or Dot!) on a doorknob, backpack, etc. Its primary purpose is to interact with Dash, as various human interactions with Dot will trigger reactions from Dash.


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Dash Dot (All Ages) Taccle3 English Site

Blockly for Dash & Dot Robots introduces them to coding using visual blocks of code.  Personally I was most impressed with the personality, starting from the moment the robot wakes up. The voices and expressions are really cute. Great official apps from Wonder Workshop designed as games to teach younger students about coding. This is Dot, the lesser interactive robot of the two but still teaches important lessons and can be used in conjunction with Dash. I have been a Deal Dash member for about 3 months now and love all the gift cards that I have won or used the BIN option. Take on coding challenges and make your own programs for Dash & Dot using Blockly. You can purchase both Dash and Dot separately if you wish and the Wonder Workshop Apps can be downloaded for free from Google Play store. The battery design also means that, like your smartphone, Dash requires nightly recharging. Both Dash and Dot connect to their apps and your tablet through Bluetooth connections.

Everything is intuitively made, from the fantastic drag and drop programming interface, the controls, to the multitude of available modules to make your LEGO Mindstorm a fearsome programmable robot machine. Bluetooth discovery and connectivity shouldn't be any worse than existing headphones, and phone calls should not sound as bad as they do on the Dash. The Path app lets the kids design an obstacle course for Dash to complete with various sound effects and changing colors too. Second, if you're fumbling with Dash in an attempt to get the earbuds in your ears, chances are high that you'll inadvertently touch Dash's touch area and activate a command. Experimenting and discovering what each program does is one of the fun parts this programmable robot can do!

Use a supported iPad (iPad 3+, Mini, Air) or Android tablet (see list of devices below) to access free Wonder Workshop apps that control Dash & Dot. By tapping out a pattern of notes on a virtual xylophone on your tablet, you can program Dash to play the same song on its xylophone. Is not responsible for the content and opinions contained in customer submitted reviews.

I will probably review line following robots, and more complex robotics like the Hummingbird kit and Sparkfun's Redbot in a future post. The challenge here for my son was drawing a path on the screen and relating it to the real world, so he could create a path that wouldn't see Dash crashing into the armchair or the sofa. The distance sensors works fine as Dash detects any objects in front of it, exclaims Oh-oh!” and stops to go around them. To be able to play with Wonder Workshop Dash robot, you will need a compatible device that runs on Apple iOS or Android to work with the applications designed specifically to control the robot.

So if you're looking for a toy that'll combat a child's waning attention span while teaching them how to code, you can learn more about Dash and Dot at Wonder Workshop's website. If the child puts them in the correct sequence on the screen (which Dash then replicates) they can move on to the next level. Source: The sample for this review was provided by Wonder Workshop For more information visit their site. Wheels are often employed as robot toys aren't keen to walking like humans do. They can also jump and fly- RC aircrafts with the use of wings, and drones and quadcopters with the use of blade rotors, are examples of such toys. Everything your team needs to compete in the 2016 Wonder League Robotics Competition!


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Using Robotics To Teach Computer Programming

It's not intended to turn any kid into a computer geek, but it definitely helps them understand the basics of programming in a fun and easy way. For no apparent reason, the Dash sometimes failed to recognize the first, second, or even twentieth tap; we can only imagine what our fellow subway commuters must have thought while we stood there furiously tapping the two black blobs in our ears. Dash is sold as a robot for ages five and up. My two year-old daughter was also very interested in this newcomer, but when she wasn't running away, she was trying to mash the interface or twist the head around to look at her. Dot is a cute little ball of fun and though she can't move on her own, she makes up for it with personality. Students can use the Dash and Dot Robots to test programming problems, compare multiple possible solutions, and carry out fair tests in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered. Various coding commands are listed in individual blocks” which the kids can drag and attach to each other to cause Dash to do various commands.

If you have the Dash and Dot robots, you have probably received a few e-mails from Wonder Workshop describing the upcoming Robotics Competition I highly recommend that you consider entering a team (deadline for signing up is 11/1/15)! The other half of the duo is Dot, who is about 3.7” tall and 3.3” wide and features the same LED eye” as Dash, cannot move, but can interact with Dash and even command him/her to do certain things. Dot has many different ways for kids to program it; there are 4 buttons;.sensors that let it know when it's being tossed, shaken, tilted or rolled, and it has a microphone to hear things, as well as sensors to detect other robots. It combines the smaller sized wrist wearable looks with the features of the Fitbit Surge Stay tuned for my review coming soon.

I should mention that Dash also has an optional companion named Dot Dot doesn't move but can add a lot of interactivity with Dash, and can even be used as a trigger to events when Dash sees him. Dash is the more complex of the two bots, being able to move around on his own and detect obstacles.

While the sound quality is not as good as the Pono/Cardas set up, the Dash is so much more comfortable for long periods, and I do not need to take another device to hear music. This was a bit of trial and error, but you can afford to let your kids work it out for themselves because Dash has sensors to detect obstacles — it just backtracks and finds a new path if something big or heavy lies in the way. In a package so small, Bragi had to make compromises, and battery life is always the first to go. The Dash will only last about three hours on a single charge. In actuality, there are about 4 apps divided among Apple and Android platforms that allow remote control of Dash. Dash and Dot have appeared at the White House and are now used in about 600 elementary school classrooms across the country.

While it is great that Wonder Workshop is working hard to keep the robots up to date, a quarter of the time I had to go through the earlier process to get the update to go through. Asking Dash to tell me my heart rate with my voice while on a run is far easier than trying to remember how many taps are needed to call up this information. Integration between Dash and Dot and your iOS device comes through apps for the iPhone and iPad. Blockly (ages 8+)- Program Dash & Dot by making sequences with code, features drag & drop programming.


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